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About the Blue Screen of Death

BSoD, or the “Blue Screen of Death” is actually an error screen message that is usually displayed by the Windows operational system. Whenever the system encounters a critical error, the system will usually crash and such a blue/black screen prompts the user. Most of the users will panic when receiving such messages, mainly because they cannot understand what has happened with their computer. Most of the times, the BSoD error can be repaired with a system recovery boot cd.

boot cd

Basically, there are two ways in which you can fix the problem:
1. trying to fix the damage by entering safe mode on your computer- All you need to do is press F8 in order to enter in safe mode- enter My Computer-right click on Properties- go to the Tools section- then run disk cleaning & error check. The truth is that this method works in about 40% to 50% of the cases only. If you cannot even boot in safe mode, or if you cannot fix the problem with the help of the disk cleaner in safe mode, then you need to use a bootcd.


2. Fixing the error with the help of a bootable cd- there are many programs out there that promise to fix any error on your computer, but you should trust only very reliable sources and software in order to avoid damaging further your system. A very good suggestion is the Live Boot from Wondershare. This is a boot disc, which will help you remove BSoD from your system quickly and easily.

boot disc

With a Blue Screen, your computer usually crashes and freezes every time you try to access Windows. If you notice that your computer is rebooting continuously, or that you get a blue or a black screen, you should start repairing your system by using one of the above methods.

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